[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 30 September, 2022 – Inflatable Stretcher Securely Wraps Patients In Comfort And Protects Them From Falling


(Wcsa.world) An inflatable stretcher designed by student Yu-Hsin Wu of Shih Chien University in Taiwan securely wraps the patient with multiple straps that protect them from falling when medics carry them to the ambulance.

From the premise of the design, it seems that it is also portable and can be brought folder in the situation or area where it is needed, inflated only on the spot using an air pump. This makes the inflatable stretcher compact, light, and easy to assemble and use which contrasts with the common stretchers healthcare facilities use these days.

The colors also contribute to making the stretcher emergency-oriented since its red and white shades can be easily spotted and trigger a sense of urgency. The stretcher design can be used to rescue the wounded and patients in different disasters and emergencies such as earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as to transport the wounded from homes, sports venues, and even isolated places to the nearest hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility within their area.



What makes the emergency inflatable handy in assisting both the patient and the medics is the abundance of compartments on the sides of the stretcher that can hold the equipment required during the rescue and double as a container for what the medical assistants might need to bring with them. Based on the prototype of the student designer, he has added two sets of medical equipment that are mandatory for rescue operations.

The first one is a ready-made first aid kit, and the student designer even printed an evaluation-awareness warning on the side of the bag to remind the users what to do when they approach the situation without ease. The graph shows a step-by-step process summarized in a few words and with arrows, so the user can just follow the procedure and immediately react to the emergency. The design also says that the user must evaluate the situation on their own abilities and check the severity of the injuries the wounded or patient is experiencing.



Once the user opens the first aid kit, they will find tons of pockets to stash their medical accessories. The prototype shows ziplock-covered gauzes, band-aids, tapes, scissors, cotton buds, masks, and cloths, all can assist the emergencies especially if open wounds and blood-related cases occur. The second kit is called an inflator. At a first glance, the user might think it is just to inflate the stretcher, but upon a closer look, the inflator also doubles as an instrument to protect the arm or leg of the wounded and patient when they suffer a broken body part.



The foldable splint and protector cover the whole arm, reaching the armpit, and the kit can also pump the air into the inflatable. With the design of this inflatable stretcher, medical institutions and manufacturers can start revisiting the current layout and functions of the stretchers and consider adopting the style of this student-designed equipment, paving a way for easier and more comfortable emergency response.

According to designboom.com

Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA