[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 28 September, 2022 – Walmart Expands Into The Metaverse To Court Younger Shoppers On Roblox


(Wcsa.world) There are more than 10,500 Walmarts in the real world—and then two in an alternate universe.

Making its debut in the metaverse, the hypermarket chain has launched two immersive experiences in mega-platform Roblox, dubbed ‘Walmart Land’ and ‘Walmart’s Universe of Play’.

Customers will be treated to unique interactive content and entertainment, with the best of the stores’ “isles” brought to life within the virtual world.



First, Walmart Land will offer Roblox’s 52 million daily users a wide range of fashion, style, beauty, and entertainment items to choose from in virtual merchandise, or what the kids call “verch.”

Dress your avatar in the latest looks, or compete in games and contests that’ll win you in-game tokens and badges.

Fashionistas can check out the House of Style, a dressing room stocked with the likes of af94, Lottie London, and Bubble, with an oversized cosmetics obstacle course and roller-skating rinks for extra fun.



Try your hand at the interactive piano walkway, participate in a dance-off, and test your knowledge at a Netflix trivia game.

The virtual island will comprise a variety of main attractions, including Electric Island—a space inspired by the world’s most popular music festivals.

This October, the island will feature special motion-capture concert performances featuring top-of-the-charts acts such as Madison Beer, Kane Brown, and YUNGBLUD.



In Walmart’s Universe of Play, the Roblox community will be able to let loose and explore different toy worlds as they hunt for exclusive virtual goods or pit themselves against one another to fill their personal trophy case.

With five games to choose from, users will have many chances at acquiring the coins up for grabs, which can later be used to redeem avatar perks.



Plus, this section of the site will feature e-mobility devices, including a hoverboard, that can be used by avatars to travel more quickly through the universe.

According to designtaxi.com


Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA