[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 21 September, 2022 – BruTrek pour over coffee maker collapses flat for backpackers who brew


(Wcsa.world) From simple straws that acts as filters to portable espresso makers that offer the more complete experience, we've seen all kinds of approaches to helping camping enthusiasts get a caffeine fix in the wild. BruTrek's newly launched Collapsible Pour Over presents as a particularly practical solution, offering the enjoyment of a classic drip coffee and packing completely flat for easy transport.

The Collapsible Pour Over, as its called, is the latest coffee-oriented outdoor product from BruTrek's parent company Planetary Design, which has caught our eye with such offerings previously. In 2020 we took a look at the company's Ovrlndr Press, a portable take on the French press packed into rugged, vacuum-insulated tumbler. Last year it stepped up the durability factor even further with the BruTrek Expedition Coffee Kit, an ensemble of java-brewing gear housed in an adventure-ready briefcase that appears all but bulletproof.



Its newest release is by far the most compact, and probably about as compact as you could hope for when it comes to gear for brewing coffee on the go. The Collapsible Pour Over appears to take its cues from the slew of collapsible fire pits geared toward backpackers looking to save on weight and space, bearing a 6.5-oz (184-g) stainless steel folding frame that packs neatly into an included waxed canvas pouch, to measure just half an inch (1.27 cm) thick.

In the interests of minimizing waste, the coffee maker also comes with a pair of reusable organic filters to negate the need for single-use paper solutions. The unfurled Collapsible Pour Over and filter can simply be sat atop a mug or other drinking vessel, with users then needing to load a couple of tablespoons of their favorite ground coffee inside and then let the pouring and dripping commence.



With its slim profile and ultra light weight, the Collapsible Pour Over looks to us like a fantastic solution for bikepacking or hiking, and a more elegant and durable one than the pop-up-style silicone and plastic options already on the market. It is priced at US$45 and available now.

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Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA