[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 18 September 2023 – MarsPlanter-Indoor Hydroponics Planter & LED Light


(Wcsa.world) Introducing MarsPlanter - Hydroponics Redefined. A Patented self-watering ceramic pot with LED plant lamp and timing settings ensure optimal yields with minimal resources. The future of planting is here, revolutionizing agriculture for sustainable, efficient, and high-yield crop growth.

Today, everything you need for your plant is embodied in MarsPlanter, a hydroponic flower pot designed with your convenience in mind. MarsPlanter boasts comprehensive planting features, ensuring adequate sunlight and water supply, which allows plants to thrive in any environment.


MarsPlanter's patented ceramic pot boasts excellent water permeability and breathability, requiring no power sources, motors, or pumps. The tray, made of sturdy and porous ceramic, allows water to slowly diffuse and be retained in capillaries, providing plants with ample time to drink and reducing the frequency of watering.


Hydroponics involves soilless cultivation on a porous and absorbent ceramic tray, enabling direct water penetration without filtering out nutrients. This innovative approach nurtures robust plant growth without traditional soil or mud.


Transparent window helps you know when to water, usually once a week. Adjust water amount based on plants' humidity needs, but maintain the water level as a minimum requirement. Hydroponics offers soilless and efficient plant cultivation.


According to kickstarter


Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA