[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 06 February 2023 – Former Lilium designer debuts "highly athletic" wearable vehicle


(Wcsa.world) Munich-based designer Andrea Mocellin has presented his latest personal mobility device. The Exo-Line is an exoskeleton-inspired, battery-powered wearable vehicle you can lower yourself onto chest-first for a "physically engaging riding experience."

The idea is nifty enough; an insanely convenient form of transport so neatly designed that you barely even have to carry it. But wearable vehicles tend to suffer from two key issues: they're typically not very wearable, and they're not much chop as vehicles. Otherwise, they're great.



And so to the Exo-Line, a three-wheeled electric vehicle that balances the rider's weight on a precipitously narrow chest-rest and sends them zipping down the street head-first.



Your feet go on a pair of tiny pegs beside the rear wheel, and your arms move forward to grasp the two front wheel struts, which allegedly "follow the body movements, and translate those into directional commands for the vehicle."

The Exo-Line is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and driven by an in-wheel hub motor, although it's unclear which wheel that might be, since in some of the renders, the rear wheel appears to be capable of swiveling on a caster-type arrangement.



According to newatlas.com


Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA