[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 05 August, 2022 – Omorpho G-Vest Uses Tiny Steel Balls To Add Weight Without The Bulk


(Wcsa.world) Weighted vests are great, as they let you add a degree of difficulty to any routine without changing any part of your workout. Problem is, a lot vests are uncomfortably bulky, apart from putting some restrictions on your full range of motion, depending on how you wear them. The Omorpho G-Vest changes that.

Unlike traditional weighted vests, it doesn’t use iron weights that you slip inside pockets on the vest for resistance, eliminating one of the main culprits that make those items so bulky. Instead, it uses tiny weighted spheres that are integrated right into the garment, which are evenly distributed throughout the surface to provide a balanced and comfortable wear.

The Omorpho G-Vest is made from laminated polyester and synthetic rubber, with hundreds of small stainless steel ball bearings distributed across the material to provide the weight. They cover both the front and back of the vest, with balanced placements on both the left and right sides, so all the weight is evenly spread out, allowing you to perform exercises without having to compensate for any resistance concentrated in one specific area. Even better, they made sure all the weight sits close across the torso, so there’s no weight hanging away from your body while you bend, squat, or get into other awkward positions, making the weight feel more natural compared to a typical weighted vest.

Not only does the micro-weight resistance keep the vest reasonably slim compared to a typical weighted vest, it looks exceptionally stylish, too. Seriously, it’s a welcome departure from the tactical look of most such gear, which makes it a great option if you’re not a fan of looking like you’re wearing a bulletproof vest while you’re training.

The Omorpho G-Vest comes with a front zipper for securing the vest after wearing, with adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable side cords allowing you to dial in the fit. That way, you can loosen it a bit when doing bench presses to make it easier to arch your back, then tighten the whole thing when doing burpees to make sure it stays in place while you go through its sequence of movements and postures. It uses rubber for most of the garment, making it very easy to spot-clean with a quick wipe whenever needed. Of course, you can also hand-wash it in cold water, in case it starts developing some odor, although they recommend hanging it out to dry strictly in the shade to keep the rubber from incurring any sun damage.

It comes in men’s and women’s versions, with the former coming in two weights (four pounds and five pounds) and the latter coming in another two (eight pounds and nine pounds). Sure, that’s nowhere near the 30, 40, and 50 pounds that you can get with some traditional weighted vests, but that’s the tradeoff for the lack of bulk and mobility this affords you. Features include a curved hem for easy movement, a ventilated back for breathability, and a slim profile that you can wear comfortably under a shirt if you prefer wearing it out of sight.

The Omorpho G-Vest is available now, priced starting at $349 for women’s sizes and $399 for the men’s.

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