[WCSA] Daily Highlights 10 May, 2022 – Suitcase Design Doubles As Bedside Table So You Can ‘Unpack’ Without Unpacking


(Wcsa.world) We’ve all been there—hunched over our suitcases in the (extremely narrow) aisles of the hotel room, rummaging through the stacks of clothing just looking for that one bathing suit we’re certain we brought on vacation.

Having noticed how travelers awkwardly live out of their luggage instead of settling comfortably into the hotel room like they’d do at home, British designer Mark Mitchell came up with the perfect solution to such woes: a concept suitcase that is just as functional as a bedside table.



Mitchell posited one of the main reasons people are so hesitant about fully unpacking their belongings in a hotel room is the fear of losing essential items. Not to mention, the time and effort required to repack everything when it’s time to leave.



As such, he dreamed up a piece of carry-on luggage that not only stores your personal items on the way to your vacation, but also doubles up as a handy bedside table you can set up in just minutes upon reaching your accommodation.

Even more impressive, when an external battery pack is plugged into the suitcase, its handle lights up—just like an actual table lamp would. And instead of following traditional luggage design that makes use of tons of narrow zipped compartments, Mitchell opted for a swanky drawer so you can retrieve your most important possessions more conveniently. 



“I wanted people to feel truly comfortable while traveling. At the back of every traveler’s mind is this slight anxiety that you forgot to repack something,” explained Mitchell.

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Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA