[WCSA] Daily Highlights 09 May, 2022 – A Compact Shipping Container Office You Can Rent To Separate Work From Life


(Wcsa.world) The concept of working from a backyard had, for the most part, been restricted to the world of gardeners. In the past years, remote work became more commonplace, before the pandemic kicked in and made it the norm. Mobile offices now come in all shapes, resembling anything from a moving caravan to a plane cabin. This one, ootBox, arrives in the form of a recycled shipping container.



ootBox, whose name means being out of the box, was conceptualized six years ago by American entrepreneur Robbie Friedman, according to a recent report by New Atlas. You have to consider that—back in 2016—portable offices were few and far between, so Friedman, who was in need of a private working space that wasn’t too far away, invented his own with the help of his friend Allison Zofan, a business development specialist. The compact office space officially launched last year.



Workers seeking a little respite from their home office desks can rent an ootBox, which comes delivered in a truck. There’s no need to assemble the pod yourself, nor is a permit required. To set up the office, just plug it into a 20-amp power outlet.

The plywood shipping containers offer eight feet of space, enough to fit a work desk and a lounge chair. A large glass window allows a quick glimpse at the outside world. There’s also motion-activated lighting, carpeted flooring, electricity, and fully-equipped ventilation, heating, and air conditioning.



Leasing one of these pods starts from US$1,000 a month, though you’ll need to rent it for at least four months. A new ootBox can also be purchased for between US$20,000 and US$40,000.

Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA