Dubai’s Global Village to Celebrate 2023 7 Times on New Year


( The Global Village is organizing a counting down event to midnight from seven different time zones from around the world.

A special countdown will precede the start of the year in each of these countries, after which fireworks will light up the skies.

Pavilions celebrating the cultures of each of the seven countries have also been set up. These pavilions also offer entertainment, food, and drink tied to the national culture of each country, as well as other activities.

The celebrations are scheduled to begin at 8 pm local time (5 pm GMT) when the new year starts in the Philippines. Next comes Thailand (9 pm), which is followed by Bangladesh (10 pm), and then India (10:30 pm).

Pakistan’s New Year’s Eve (11 pm) will be the last to be celebrated by midnight local time.

The largest celebrations will start at midnight, and they will be followed by a final celebration to coincide with Turkey’s New Year’s Eve (1 am).

Visitors will also have the chance to explore the Global Village’s 27 pavilions, which represent over 90 cultures from across the globe. They can choose from over 3,500 shopping outlets and more than 250 diverse dining options, as well as carnival activities.


Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA