[WORLDKINGS 2022] TOP LARGEST COLLECTIONS IN THE WORLD (P.24) Man Sets World Record for Largest Collection of James Bond Memorabilia With 12,463 Pieces (UK)


(WorldKings.org) In a secret warehouse in an undisclosed location lies the world’s biggest collection of James Bond memorabilia that has ever existed.

Nick Bennett has been collecting items related to the movie franchise since 1995 and has amassed more than 12,000 pieces ranging from trays of 007 themed lighters to a Golden Eye pinball machine.

Nick, who owns the Robin Hood pub in Leigh, said: “I started collecting in 1995. After Golden Eye with Pierce Brosnan came out I started to see James Bond merchandise in shops and I liked the look of it.


“Then I discovered there were items going way back to the 60s.

“My favourite piece is a 1967 poster from a picture campaign because it shouldn’t exist anymore. It should have been thrown away or recycled but it is still here.


“I used to travel all around the world with other collectors looking for items and buying other people’s collections but then the internet came along and changed that.

“The internet has made it easier to buy things but also harder – you cannot get hold of anything from the 60s anymore.”

The record stands at 12,463 items but Nick says it has grown since the final count.


Nick keeps the location of the storage unit secret - like a true Bond villain – after several items were stolen in a break-in a few years ago, revealing only that it is somewhere in Leigh.

He managed to get all of the pieces back after scouring the internet for them but the thief has never been caught.

“I like to keep the collection separate from my life. It is not the only thing about me – it is just a hobby but it is a constant source of conversation,” he said.


“I have ordered mine from Amazon and I am very excited. It is something I grew up with so I am thrilled,” said Nick, who lives in Culcheth.

“I don't know what drew me to James Bond but I think the character is very romantic. The James Bond we care about is from the films rather than the books and he is a dark and dangerous man.”

According to leighjournal.co.uk

Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA