[Worldkings 2022] Top Largest Collections In The World (P.24) Collection of 37,777 car model of Nabil “Billy” Karam (Lebanon)


(Wcsa.world) Nabil “Billy” Karam is a man of many automotive superlatives. His driving earned several championships in rally and ice driving in his native Lebanon and his passion for cars has turned into a multiple record-breaking collection now tens of thousands strong.

Karam was first awarded the record in 2009, when it sat at just 22,222. His collection has since grown to 37,777 (and counting), helping Karam earn 5 more world’s records, including for his dioramas (one of which he is hovering over in our image) and automotive-themed stamps.

Nabil’s obsession began early on at a very young age. Sadly, his collection was stolen when his house was broken into and since then, it’s been a dream to rebuild that collection and then some for the former president of Porsche Club Lebanon.

At the beginning, the collection began with a sole focus to collect the cars he used to race, mainly Porsches, but since then the collection has expanded to dioramas as well and as you can see from the video, Nabil has never looked back; amassing a mind-boggling display that’s unimaginable even in a 6-year old’s wet dream.


Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA