WCSA - Daily Highlights – March 29, 2019 - AppWEAR Warming Tracker Jacket and Vest keeps you warm and tracks your activities


(Wcsa.world) Be totally comfortable in the great outdoors with the AppWEAR Warming Tracker Jacket. Chock full of technology, this incredible jacket has a built-in heating element to keep you cozy in any weather.



In addition, you can totally manage the precise temperature with the accompanying app. With four zones of heat and a 12-hour battery, you get all-over warmth whenever you need it. The AppWEAR Jacket uses Bluetooth to communicate seamlessly with the app.



Along with heating, the jacket also tracks your movement and activities. Within the app, you can share what you get up to with friends, turning any adventure into a social activity. The app can be used to share trails, including the ones your forge on your own.



As a safety measure, the AppWEAR app also retains your geolocations so your loved ones can always find you. Available as a jacket or a vest, the AppWEAR line of apparel is all about making the most of your adventures.

According to thegadgetflow


Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA