Top spectacular natural landmarks of the world (P.426) Chaka Yan Lake: The mirror of the sky


( About 151km to the west of Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake is a beautiful oval-shaped lake known for its reflective salt lake bed. It is a key salt mine in Qinghai with abundant salt resources. With the crystal blue water, white salt crust, and surrounding snow-capped mountains, the heavenly scene attracts millions of visitors and photographers to come every year.

The formation of salt lakes is mainly related to crustal movement. The Qinghai Tibet Plateau was a part of the ocean a long time ago. After a long period of crustal movement, the ground rose to form the highest plateau. As a result, the seawater was left in some low-lying areas and many salt lakes and ponds were formed. Chaka Salt Lake is one of them. The salt in Lake Chaka is almost endless because the rain will bring more salt down from the surrounding mountains. In other words, Chaka Salt Lake is the memory of the plateau to the ocean.


Chaka Salt Lake is one of the most representative tourist attractions in Qinghai Province, which has attracted many tourists and photographers here. There are mainly two scenic areas in Chaka Salt Lake, namely Chaka Salt Lake Scenic Area in the west lakeside and Sky No. 1 Scenic Area on the east lakeside. Standing by the heaven-like pure blue lake, you can not find any other stunning scenery like this on our planet.


Rich in salt, Chaka Salt Lake is also famous for its salt Sculptures, and the most representative sculptures are the Salt Sculpture of Genghis Khan, the Salt Sculpture of Jingpo Ethnicity, the Salt Sculpture of Meeting at Jade Lake, and the Salt Sculpture of Wu Xian. tribes and they might be the ancestor of the development and utilization of natural salt in China.


Chaka Salt Lake has the longest history of exploitation (over 3,000 years) among all the salt lakes in the Qaidam Basin. Due to the large reserves, mining is not at all difficult as natural salts can be obtained by just uncovering the top layer of the lake. Large scale mining is done mechanically nowadays with many grades of salt sold around China and they are even exported to Japan and Nepal.


There is a long railway track extending to the center of the lake. Visitors can walk along the track to view the splendid scenery on the water. The magnificent mining scene of the large modern salt dredgers is the most impressive.


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