Top spectacular natural landmarks of the world (P.295) Ebor Falls: Impressive natural wonder of New South Wales


( Ebor Falls is a beautiful and impressive natural wonder. It is a popular spot for swimming, picnicking, and hiking. The falls are also a popular destination for photographers.

Ebor Falls is a tiered waterfall on the Guy Fawkes River, located near Ebor in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia. Ebor Falls was formed by lava flows from the nearby extinct Ebor Volcano. The lava flows dammed the Guy Fawkes River, creating a series of waterfalls. The falls are estimated to be over 19 million years old.

The Ebor Volcano was an active volcano about 19 million years ago. It erupted several times, sending lava flows over the landscape. The lava flows were thick and slow-moving, and they dammed the Guy Fawkes River. The water backed up behind the dam and formed a lake.


Over time, the lake eroded the lava flows, creating a series of waterfalls. The falls are now over 100 meters high. The falls are also known for their unusual rock formations. The lava flows cooled quickly, forming columnar jointing. This is a type of rock formation that looks like a series of columns.

The traditional owners of Ebor Falls are the Gumbaynggirr people, who call the falls Martiam, an Aboriginal expression meaning "the great falls". The falls are best visited in the spring and autumn, when the weather is mild and the wildflowers are in bloom. However, they can be visited year-round.


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