Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.27) Hitachi Seaside Park: The four-seasonal flower sea on the coast of Pacific Ocean


( Hitachi Seaside Park is perhaps Ibaraki's most famous tourist destination for its Instagram-friendly fields of flowers.

Hitachi Seaside Park is located in the city of Hitachinaka, in Ibaraki Prefecture. This is a unique place on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It changes its color with every new upcoming season therefore, wherever you come here, you can enjoy a riot of colors.


The Park’s multitude of plants includes around 4.2 hectares of nemophila (baby blue eyes), 32,000 Kochia (summer cypress), 500 varieties of narcissus, 230 tulips, and 120 kinds of roses. So spectacular is the nemophila flower field that blooms in spring that it was selected by CNN as one of Japan's 36 most beautiful places. The vast Miharashi Hill is filled with nemophila, and the panoramic view of the sky, sea, and hill all in one blue color is a sight to behold.


Spring brings narcissuses, tulips and the park’s famed breathtaking view of sky-blue nemophila spread out over its Miharashi Hill. Sunflowers, poppies, roses, and zinnias pop with striking colors in summer, while rotund Kochia bushes grow fluffy and lime green across the hillside.


As temperatures drop, autumnal colors transform the scenery. From late September, the sea of Kochia gradually fades from bright green into deep reds, the gradation of color filling the dips and rises of Miharashi Hill. By October, the entire hillside becomes a magnificent textured tapestry of fiery red. Winter is not forgotten with wintersweet and Japanese plum trees blooming yellow and pink.


Hitachi Seaside Park also features a small amusement park with over 25 rides and attractions, including a 100-meter-tall Ferris wheel, putter golf, a BMX course, and a roller coaster among others. Most of the rides and activities require extra fees. Restaurants and rest areas are scattered throughout the park, and a BBQ area is available for picnics.


To fully explore Hitachi Seaside Park, take one of its hiking trails or cycling paths and visit its mini village of traditional rural buildings. Other attractions include outdoor activities and game areas, and a small amusement park with a giant ferris wheel offering a panoramic view of the park and sea.

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