Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.180) Langkawi: The pearls of Malaysia


( An archipelago located on the northwest coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is known as a famous tourist destination of this country because the island is extremely blessed with nature, surrounded by turquoise sea, beautiful rice fields, picturesque and forest-covered hills.

Langkawi is a continental archipelago consisting of hundreds of large and small islands, located in the Andaman Sea, about 30 km from the northwest mainland coast of Malaysia. The archipelago possesses lush forests, waterfalls, caves, limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, and white sand beaches, so it is no wonder that Langkawi was honored to be recognized as a UNESCO Geopark in 2007.


Langkawi impresses visitors with its wild beauty and good conservation work. The island is blessed with turquoise beaches. Pantai Cenang is considered the most beautiful beach in Langkawi. In addition to stunning sea and sky views, Pantai Cenang is home to world-class hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Tanjung Rhu Beach is also another suggestion when coming here. The beach is quite far from the center. The most interesting point on this beach is the sand dunes leading to three islands in the middle of the sea. These sand dunes appear and disappear with the flow of the tide. In addition, Pantai Tengah or Pantai Kok beach is also the most attractive place here.


In addition to its wildness, Langkawi also has modern facilities to attract tourists. Langkawi Sky Bridge is a destination not to be missed when traveling to Langkawi. This is a cable-stayed bridge for pedestrians, 125m long, and 1.8m wide, with a spacious walkway in the middle of the bridge. The bridge is also known as one of the strangest suspension bridges in the world. The Langkawi cable car takes visitors through majestic jungles, rolling mountains, and beautiful coastline.


Langkawi also has many night markets, but the special feature is that each market is only open on certain days of the week. This is the best place for tourists to learn about the local lifestyle. Besides day tours, Langkawi also offers many beach activities such as banana boats, jet skiing, and parasailing. If you like these activities, you can participate at Langkawi beaches.


One of the most popular things to do when traveling to Langkawi, shopping is an experience you cannot miss when coming to the island. Mainly due to tax exemption, goods here are cheap. Some shopping locations for your reference include Jetty Point Duty-Free Complex near Eagle Square, Saga Shopping Center in Kur city center, and Langkawi Parade Mega Shopping Center located in Langkawi Parade Kuah.


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