Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.119) Guatapé: The most colorful town in the world


( Not carrying a classic or idyllic color like other tourist towns, Guatapé is known as the most colorful destination in the world.

The town of Guatapé is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Colombia. This place stands out with the colorful beauty of houses and roads throughout the town.


The walls, windows, stairs, and even the roof are painted in bright colors. That adds to the vibrant and energetic look of this interesting town.



Unlike the modern urban area, most of the houses in Guatapé town are built in the old and minimalist architectural style. To make a difference, people here have chosen to use colorful paint colors to adorn houses and street corners. Not only that, but they also meticulously decorate each step with a series of funny motifs.


According to local people, decorating the town with bright colors is their way of expressing their hopes and beliefs. Besides, the paintings on the wall also have many meanings. Some are used to refer to local businesses or people's beliefs. While other paintings are cultural heritage images of the community.



The Church of Our Lady here is also a beautiful landmark of the town. Nearby is the giant rock La Piedra Del Peñol 2,100m above sea level. From here, zoom out, you can admire the surrounding landscape.


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