Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.117) Naoshima: The island of art


( Located off the southern coast of Kagawa Prefecture, in the Seto Sea (Japan), Naoshima Island is famous for its unique contemporary architecture and artworks.

It is no coincidence that Naoshima is honored as the "Island of Art" because art creeps into every corner of the island like in hotels, and galleries, and becomes an integral part of the landscape here.


Previously, this island was a peaceful and quiet fishing village, so it was little noticed by others. The deal between the city and the major corporations Chikatsugu Miyake and Benesse has turned it into a huge art center and famous Japanese check-in spot.


This Japanese art island of Naoshima is divided into three different areas: Benesse House, Miyanoura, and Honmoura. The best-known art stops are Benesse House, Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, and the Art House Landscape Project. On this island, there are also art autographs of famous artists in the world such as painters Claude Monet, Yukinori Yanagi, James Turrell, architects Tadao Ando, Jasper Johns, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol, and Hiroshi Sugimoto.


Honmoura is a lovely little village with a few restaurants and small galleries inside. Miyanoura is the main ferry port and also the largest settlement here.


On this beautiful island, old houses have been converted into galleries and exhibitions of artworks by Japanese and international artists. The project has attracted a lot of attention and admiration from art lovers across the country of the rising sun. Besides, on the island, there is a public bath named "I LOVE YU". This is a perfect combination of public bath and installation art to create a one-of-a-kind work.


The island also has many hills and mountains, surrounded by beautiful sea lanes, suitable for visiting the island by bicycle or walking. Motorbike or electric bike rentals are available at restaurants located near the harbors. At some hotels, you can rent bicycles for free for sightseeing if you have booked a stay at that hotel.

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