Top 100 spectacular natural landmarks of the world (P.56) Catedral de Marmol: The marble masterpieces of nature


( Capillas de Mármol is a work of art that Mother Nature created for this beautiful Latin American country.

The “Capillas de Mármol” or Marble Chapels, also known as the Marble Cathedrals, are one of the most important tourist attractions in Patagonia. Composed of three limestone formations, they stand out for the beauty of their columns and the intense blue of the waters that protect them.


The Cathedral, La Capilla and La Cueva, sculpted on the shores of  Lago General Carrera in the Aysén region, make up one of the most beautiful landscapes of southern Chile and one of the favorite destinations for lovers of photography. They are part of the route of Carretera Austral and have been protected by law since 1994 when they were named Nature Sanctuary.


Sculpted over millennia by the wind and the lake, the Marble Chapels impress visitors with calcium carbonate formations that can be seen over an area of 300 meters. These four-story caves are equally fascinating to researchers and tourists due to their amazing formations, and surrounding scenery. Ocean waves lapping at the calcium carbonate over 6,000 years is what made these beautiful structures look as they do. These giant pieces of nature are also estimated to weigh around 5.5 billion tons. These different structures are all fascinating, but also look very different from each other. Visitors can easily tell each structure by observing them.


One of the most amazing things about marble caves is their ability to change colors depending on the seasons. These color changes also depend on how high or low the water is because the marble colors reflect from the water. Since the glaciers do not melt until the months of November through February, the water is not as high and that makes the colors a lot less vibrant. Visitors that go in the spring will notice softer or navy blue hues, compared to when glaciers melt, and the colors range from cobalt blue to white and to pink.


Marble Caves' water pathways are narrow and can only be explored by small boats or kayaks. Tour operators in the tiny, remote town of Puerto Rio Tranquilo nearby, provide kayaks and boats. Chilean travel experts advise that the best time to visit the marble caves is from November to February because the melting ice makes the pristine water enchanting turquoise.


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