Rotating puzzle superfan breaks record with enormous collection (UK)


( Florian Kastenmeier (Germany) is 40, lives in Bavaria and is the owner of a very impressive collection.

Over several years, Florian has assembled the largest collection of rotating puzzles in the world, counting a whopping number of 1,519 puzzles of all shapes and sizes.

His pieces range from classic Rubik's cubes to colorful ones in the shape of balls, houses and even fruit.

Florian's house in Mindelheim has a whole room dedicated to just his puzzles, although he thinks the room is getting too small for the continuously growing collection.

The lack of space doesn't deter him, however, and he keeps searching for the rarest and most interesting pieces with his wife and his children.

"It's incredible. A great feeling," Florian says regarding his record title.

"Knowing that you've achieved something that nobody had done before you is incredible."

Florian’s passion for collecting rotating puzzles began like many other incredible stories: by coincidence.

Although he used to own some Rubik's cubes as a child, he couldn’t solve them and often lost interest in the puzzles.

But that all changed 16 years ago, when Florian found an old Rubik’s cube in the attic while moving house.

It was likely one of those very cubes he had disregarded as a child and that had been abandoned for years. Now, however, the puzzle presented a whole new challenge. 


Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA