Ivan Čekić – The biggest collector of empty cigarette boxes from around the world


(Wcsa.world) In his collection he has 1,218 packs of cigarettes from as many as 80 countries from all continents: Brazil, India, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Chile, Canada, America, Greece, Holland, Poland, countries of the former Yugoslavia...

Ivan started collecting cigarette packs four years ago.

"Everyone collects napkins, badges, badges... I found this interesting because it's not that common among collectors," says Ivan, who mostly comes by exchanging empty packaging with people via Facebook, and many of them are brought to him by friends from travels or relatives from abroad.



In addition to "standard" cigarettes, Ivan's collection also includes those of different lengths and thicknesses, as well as numerous types of flavored cigarettes, such as cigarettes with the taste of menthol, lemon, vanilla, chocolate, various alcoholic beverages, etc.



The oldest packaging in his collection is a box from 1952, produced in Tunisia and bought in Spain. He says that his favorite is the blue Marlboro, because he was looking for it for four years, and finally his aunt from America sent him the box.



“I would never sell these, because I don't think some of them can be paid for with money. Each of these boxes has its own story and its own value", says Ivan as he shows us the packaging with the image of Josip Broz Tito.



When it comes to warnings about the dangers of cigarettes, which every tobacco company is obliged to display on their products, Australia, Canada and France practice displaying photos of extremely disturbing content on cigarette packages, in order to spread awareness of the dangers of smoking and the numerous health risks in that tobacco smokers engage in.



Ivan, on the other hand, says that he is not an avid smoker at all, and when asked if he has smoked all these packs of cigarettes, he says with a laugh:

"If I did, we certainly wouldn't be talking here right now..."


Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA