Greatest roads in the world (P.141) Taroko Gorge: One of the most breathtaking driving roads in Taiwan


( Taroko Gorge Road refers to the Central Cross-Island Highway in Taiwan that passes through the stunning Taroko Gorge in Taroko National Park. The gorge is known for its breathtaking marble cliffs, deep ravines, and lush greenery. The road offers spectacular views of the natural beauty of the area and is a popular destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts.

The Taroko Gorge road is one of the most dangerous roads in the world—the road itself is carved right out of the mountain face. The Taroko Gorge Road is everything a modern highway is not—the road is very narrow and winds through the face of the mountain. Only one large vehicle (such as a tourist bus) can pass through at a time.


Like the Guoliang Tunnel Road in China, the Taroko Gorge Road is a treacherous mountain thoroughfare; however, unlike the dangerous Chinese road, the Central Cross-Island Highway is a feat of modern engineering and provides a paved path through the mountains, effectively connecting the west and east coast of Taiwan. The road was built in four years by Nationalist Army soldiers, spurred on by Chiang Kai-shek who wanted to bridge the two opposite coasts of the country through developing a road on the Central Range.


The Taroko Gorge Road is home to several highlight spots, each offering its own unique charm and natural beauty. Perched on a steep mountainside, Changchun shrine commemorates the workers who lost their lives during the construction of the Central Cross-Island Highway. The shrine is surrounded by lush vegetation and a waterfall, creating a serene and picturesque setting.


Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) is famous for its marble cliffs and the numerous swallows that inhabit the area. Visitors can walk along a trail that hugs the cliffside, providing breathtaking views of the gorge and the Liwu River below.


The next one is the Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong). As the name suggests, this part of the road consists of a series of tunnels and turns, offering dramatic views of the marble cliffs and the river. The tunnels are carved through the rock, creating a thrilling and scenic driving experience.


Cimu Bridge iconic bridge offers panoramic views of the gorge and is named after the goddess Cimu, who is believed to protect travelers. The bridge is an excellent vantage point for taking in the grandeur of the Taroko landscape.


The Taroko Gorge Road is not only a transportation route but also a destination in itself, offering an unforgettable experience for those who appreciate natural beauty and outdoor adventures.

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