Greatest roads in the world (P.140) Nathu La Pass: An offshoot of the Old Silk Route in Himalaya


( Nathu La Pass, located in the Indian state of Sikkim, is known for its breathtaking and picturesque surroundings, making it a popular destination for travelers seeking stunning landscapes. The pass sits at an elevation of around 4,310 meters above sea level and serves as a border crossing between India and China.

Being an important pass on the intersection of the India-China border, historic Nathula Pass forms a part of an offshoot of the Old Silk Route.


The road leading to Nathu La Pass offers stunning views of the Himalayan mountains, including snow-capped peaks and lush valleys. The route takes you through scenic landscapes, with winding roads that provide panoramic vistas at every turn. You'll encounter diverse terrain, ranging from alpine forests to rocky slopes, adding to the visual appeal of the journey.


The zigzag road is one of the most beautiful mountain roads of the world. Approximately, 60 kilometers from Gangtok, crossing the blue Tsomgo Lake (also known as Changu Lake) and the new Baba Harbhajan Mandir, the road is an adventure itself. If you are visiting Sikkim on a clear day, you also enjoy majestic views of Mt. Chomolhari from Nathula Pass.


The border checkpost at Nathula Pass is marked by the Border Gates of India and China, a war memorial and an Exhibition Centre of India Army. In Nathula Pass the border consists of a barbed wire where armies of both India and China, guard their side of land. Tourists need to abandon their vehicles, few paces away from the Nathula Pass to reach the actual border.


Sikkim, the state where Nathu La is located, is known for its rich cultural heritage. While at the pass, you may encounter local customs, traditional attire, and rituals. Local communities in the region may have unique practices that add to the cultural diversity of the area. There might be small shrines or religious structures in and around Nathu La, reflecting the spiritual and cultural beliefs of the local population. These sites may offer opportunities for cultural and spiritual experiences.


Nathu La Pass is a challenging but rewarding journey that offers stunning scenery and unique cultural experiences. If you are planning a trip to Sikkim, it is definitely worth considering a visit to this iconic mountain pass. It's important to note that access to Nathu La Pass is restricted, and travelers need permits to visit the area. Additionally, weather conditions can be challenging, with the pass experiencing snowfall and harsh weather conditions, particularly during the winter season.


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