Greatest roads in the world (P.134) Highway 132: Navigator's Route of St. Lawrence River


( Quebec's Highway 132, aptly dubbed the "Navigator's Route," unfurls like a ribbon alongside the mighty St. Lawrence River, beckoning travelers with its 1,612 kilometers of breathtaking landscapes and captivating cultural gems. From its western cradle near the New York border to its eastern embrace of the Gaspé Peninsula, this legendary highway promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of Quebec's soul.

Emerging from Montreal's shadow, Highway 132 weaves through charming towns like Sorel-Tracy, where history buffs can delve into the 18th-century Fort Richelieu, and Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, where the scent of maple syrup hangs heavy in the air. Foodies, meanwhile, find solace in the artisanal delights of La Maison d'Olivier, their taste buds dancing with locally produced cheeses and wines.


As the landscape surrenders to rolling farmlands, quaint villages like Saint-Valérien and Kamouraska whisper tales of Acadian heritage. Here, colorful houses adorned with intricate wood carvings line the streets, while weathered fishing boats bob gently in the tranquil harbors. Take a moment to savor the fresh seafood at Le P'tit Crabe in Kamouraska, your palate awakening to the bounty of the St. Lawrence.


Nearing the Gaspé Peninsula, the road ascends, revealing breathtaking panoramas of the Laurentian Mountains. Hikers find paradise in Parc national du Bic, where trails snake through towering spruce forests and windswept cliffs offer views of the St. Lawrence that stretch to the horizon. Kayakers rejoice in the waters around Tadoussac, where whales breach the surface in a majestic ballet, their songs echoing through the crisp air.


Finally, Highway 132 enters the heart of Gaspé, where rugged coastlines and charming fishing villages paint a picture of maritime paradise. Percé's iconic Rocher Percé stands sentinel against the crashing waves, a natural masterpiece sculpted by time and tide. Hike the trails of Forillon National Park, where seals bask on secluded beaches and seabirds paint the sky with their graceful wings.


But Highway 132 isn't just about the sights; it's about the feeling it evokes. It's the wind whipping through your hair as you cruise along the coast, the scent of pine trees mingling with the salty air, and the endless rhythm of the St. Lawrence lulling you into a state of serene contemplation. It's the warmth of a local bakery's fresh bread, the friendly chatter of villagers, and the stories whispered by ancient lighthouses standing guard against the ocean's fury.


So, pack your bags, adventurer, and let Highway 132 guide you. It's a journey that promises to etch itself onto your soul, a tapestry woven with stunning landscapes, rich history, and the indomitable spirit of Quebec. The Navigator's Route awaits, beckoning you to discover the magic that lies just beyond the horizon.

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