Greatest road trips in the world (P.20) Suhua Highway: The coastal road along Pacific Ocean


( Stretching from the fishing town of Su’ao in southeast Yilan County to Hualien City almost 120 kilometers to the south, the Suhua Highway is widely considered Taiwan’s most spectacular coastal road.

The Suhua Highway, also called the Suao-Hualien Highway, is a 118-kilometer section of Provincial Highway 9 in Taiwan, starting at Su'ao Township, Yilan County, and ending at Hualien City, Hualien County. With a portion built alongside very steep cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean, it is considered to be one of Taiwan's most dangerous but also most scenic drives.


Forced to the very edge of the island by the arresting coastal slopes of the Central Mountain Range, the highway offers travelers unparalleled views of Taiwan’s lapis-blue portion of the Pacific and verdant jungle-covered summits as it snakes south towards the spectacular Taroko Gorge.


The most famous one is Qingshui Cliff. The Qingshui Mountain on the top of the cliff is 2407 meters above sea level. Qingshui Cliff is the only place in Taroko National Park where you can witness the three distinct color tones that make up the Pacific Ocean. Indeed, the color of the cliffs, together with those of the Pacific coastline and blue sky impress all who visit here. Chongde Beach and its pebble coast complement the natural mosaic of colors that paint Qingshui Cliff above.


Taroko Gorge is just two hours south of Taipei and is probably the most famous National Park in Taiwan. It is a landscape that has been formed by erosion, typhoons, and earthquakes over millions of years, leaving huge marble gorges, bright blue rivers, and patches of pristine forest.



Punctuating the route are a handful of characterful settlements (populated largely by members of Taiwan’s indigenous Atayal tribe), which lie in the alluvial plains created by stream and river water that has made its way from deep in the mountains to the ocean. Until very recently, the highway has been the only road connecting the coastal settlements between Su’ao and Hualien.



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