Greatest road trips in the world (P.12) Milford Trail: The way to the "eighth wonder of the world"


( There will be many tourist destinations for you to choose from when traveling to New Zealand. In particular, the legendary Milford Trail New Zealand is a place likened to a fairyland.

Since 100 years ago, the travel world has spread the word about hiking trips on the legendary Milford Trail route through fjords, high mountains, and deep valleys with paradise-like landscapes stretching along the route.


The lakeside city of Te Anau of the same name is the gateway to Fiordland National Park and the legendary Milford Trail. Activities such as horseback riding, visiting the firefly cave, and experiencing the nightlife in the wild are interesting activities to experience here.


The Milford Trail through the wet woods of Fiordland National Park is one of the most beautiful trails on the planet. There are perennial forest trees with dark green color, so the nature here is a little different from other regions. The old oak trees have been covered with a lot of moss around, so the scenery here is even more mysterious and attractive.


After passing all the trees, from the top of the pass, visitors have the opportunity to see the whole view of Clinton Valley with red vegetation covered under green trees creating a splendid landscape picture.


The Milford Trail is also the path leading to the Milford Sound fjord, one of New Zealand's most popular tourist attractions. This fjord is hailed by many as the "eighth wonder of the world". In addition, the majestic waterfalls along the route will bring amazement to visitors. Many of them are voted as one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet.


For the most active measures to protect the natural environment, only 90 people are allowed to visit and explore this legendary New Zealand Milford Trail every day. In addition, visitors to the sightseeing rope are only allowed to move in one direction, which is from the south to the north in the direction from Lake Te Anau to Milford Sound.

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