World Record Content Academy (WRCA) awarded Golden Plate of Dedication to Asian record holder Tran Thi Hoang Lan (stage name Y Lan)


( At the 45th Vietnam Record Holder Meeting Hold at REX Hotel on 22.02.2022, Meritorious artisan Tran Thi Hoang Lan hornored to received Golden Plate of Dedication for Record Values from World Record Content Academy (WRCA) for her contribution to Vietnam record holders community as well as the society.

Known as “Queen of Sand Painting”, “Lady with Talented hand”, “Lady who breathed life into sand ”, “Art of Sand Painting Beauty”, Sand Painting Artist Y Lan is admired for her creation, meticulousness and passion with the art of sand painting. She is the record holder of “First person to create art of sand painting in Vietnam”.

Record holder Tran Thi Hoang Lan (Y Lan) is the pioneer in creating the Art of Sand Painting in Vietnam, although she has never taken any art training classes. She has spent a lot of effort to find 81 natural sand colors to serve her work. Her sand paintings have become valuable souvenirs that convey cultural and artistic messages and promote these values to the record holder community all over the world.

Artist Y Lan is not only talented, but also a philanthropist. She usually holds exhibitions and auctions of her paintings to donate money to learning promotion fund, Agent Orange victims fund, etc. She also taught posterity the craft of making sand paintings to preserve values for the future.

To honor her contribution to the development of record holder community in the world, World Record Content Academy (WRCA) - World Records Union (WorldKings) awarded a Golden Plate of Dedication for Record Values to Record holder Tran Thi Hoang Lan (Y Lan) at the 45th Meeting of Vietnamese Record Holders in Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam.

The Golden Plate of Dedication is a symbolic and spiritual award created by the WRCA Institute to reward those who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the global record system, creating meaningful content values, lasting value for the community. The WRCA Golden Plate of Dedication is dedicated to Record Holders, Leaders of Record Holders and Leaders of Record Organizations around the world. In Vietnam, this award is introduced and nominated by the Vietnam Record Organization - VietKings.


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