Architect Hoang Tuan Long received a Golden Plate of Dedication for Record Values from World Record Content Academy (WRCA)


( On 22 February of 2022 in Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam, World Record Content Academy (WRCA) - World Records Union (WorldKings) awarded a Golden Plate of Dedication to architect Hoang Tuan Long for his contribution to community of record holders in Vietnam and the world.

Architect, World Record Holder Hoang Tuan Long, born in 1974, graduated with a Master's degree from the Faculty of Architecture at the National Polytechnic University of Belorusia, Europe. He discovered the bamboo stick art in 2015. This is a combination of Vietnamese tradition material (Giang – a species in bamboo family) and modern laser-cut mica pieces. He called it BOARC.

Architect, World Record Holder Hoang Tuan Long is the first person who created and build the miniature models of many famous architectural heritage works in the world by BOARC art (combining bamboo toothpick material and modern laser-cut mica pieces). He has researched, created and build many miniature models of famous landmarks in the world such as One Pillar Pagoda (in Vietnam), United States Capitol (in US) , the Big Ben Clock Tower in London (in UK) ,ect, with the high aesthetic and strength. These works have been showed in many famous exhibitions in Vietnam and the world.

The creativity of architect - Record holder Hoang Tuan Long in creating artworks with bamboo stick is not simply connecting bamboo stick together, but a seriously skillful application of technology. The BOARC art is not only beautiful but also epitomizes passion and patience.  


His artworks have been displayed at many domestic and international exhibitions. He is one of the prime examples of the “Living with creativity” record community with talented hands and endless creativity.

Dr - Lawyer Nguyen Van Vien - Director of Vietnam Intellectual Property Institute, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Records Association - A member of WorldKings's Council awarded a Golden Plate to world record holder Hoang Tuan Long

To recognize his contribution to Vietnam record holders community as well as the society, World Record Content Academy (WRCA) - World Records Union (WorldKings) has authorized the Leaders of the Vietnam Record Association for awarding a Golden Plate of Dedication to world record holder Hoang Tuan Long at the 45th Meeting of Vietnamese Record Holder hold in Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam (on 22nd February 2022).

The Golden Plate of Dedication is a symbolic and spiritual award created by the WRCA Institute to reward those who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the global record system, creating meaningful content values, lasting value for the community. The WRCA Golden Plate of Dedication is dedicated to Record Holders, Leaders of Record Holders and Leaders of Record Organizations around the world.

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