Top 10 World’s Traditional Medicine Institutes - P8.Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


( Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, founded in 1956, is one of the firstly established four Colleges and Universities of Tradition Chinese Medicine after the People's Republic of China has founded.

Founded in 1956, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) is one of the four earliest key universities on traditional Chinese medicine study in China. Boasting well-established disciplines, a group of celebrated experts, and well-integrated clinical and scientific research centers, the university has assumed a leadership role among TCM colleges in China.

SHUTCM now has 19 subsidiary colleges and departments, five affiliated hospitals, and 20 independent or affiliated research institutes. It has more than 8,200 students, including 800 international students in academic degree programs and more than 1,000 short-term students from 30 countries and regions.

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Deluna Nguyen (collect) - WCSA - World Integrative Medicine Academy ( Source of photo : Internet)