Top 10 World’s Traditional Medicine Institute - P4.Heilongjiang University.


( Set up in 1954 in Harbin, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (HLJUCM) originated from the Heilongjiang Chinese Medicine School for Advanced Study.

University of Heilongjiang is a national university in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, People's Republic of China.

In 1996, with the approval of Ministry of Education, the school changed to its current name. After nearly 60 years, the university has grown into a key Chinese medicine school which has an accomplished faculty as well as well-developed research and treatment facilities.



The HLJUCM now has nine colleges, seven affiliated hospitals, 69 training bases, and offers 17 doctoral programs and 28 postgraduate programs. Currently, there are about 14,000 full-time students at school, 390 of them are from other countries.


In 2008, this university was confirmed as national clinical research base construction unit.

And in 2009, it was promoted to the advanced unit in national cultural and ideological construction.

This university has 9 colleges, 7 affiliated hospitals, 1 research institute, 19 teaching hospitals, 69 training hospitals and bases.

It also has 4 state-level key disciplines, 4 key disciplines of state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, 18 provincial level key disciplines, etc.

Since the 10th 5-year plan, it has won 19 prizes at state level and provincial level.

This university has the diploma education qualification to recruit overseas students and students from Hong Kong, Macao andTaiwan.

 Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine (HLJUCM) is a top 10 universities of traditional Chinese medicine.

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