Top 50 largest publishers in the world (P.50) - Barron's Educational Series Publishing: American students’s top choice for college exam studies


( B.E.S. Publishing is an American publishing company, founded in 1939 as Barron's Educational Services, a publisher of materials to help students to prepare for college entrance examinations.

Barron's Educational Series soon became known as America's Leader in Test Preparation and is renowned for its SAT, ACT, and AP test prep books, its Regents manuals, and its Profiles of American Colleges.

Over the years, Barron's has expanded into many other publishing fields, introducing extensive lines of children's books, foreign language learning guides with downloadable audio, pet care manuals, gift books, cookbooks, coloring and adult activity books, business and financial advice guides, parenting advice books, and art instruction books with companion online videos, in addition to learning materials on MP3, Apps, and Bonus Online Content. On average, Barron's publishes approximately 200 new titles a year and maintains an extensive backlist of over 2,000 titles in all categories.

Barron's books are recognized for their reliability and high quality standards by educational and institutional book buyers, as well as by retailers and consumers around the globe.

For more than 80 years, the experts at Barron’s have been helping students succeed on more than 145 standardized tests, from the SAT to the NCLEX, and have shown learners both inside and outside the classroom how to master everything from Spanish verbs to statistics. Confused in class? Anxious about an exam? Need to polish your skills for a new job? You can count on Barron’s.

Barron’s guides are ideal for classroom use. No surprise—many of their guides are written by experienced teachers!

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