Top 50 largest publishers in the world (P.11) - Hachette Book Group: The leading publisher in France


( Hachette Book Group (HBG) is a publishing company owned by Hachette Livre, the largest publishing company in France, and the third-largest trade and educational publisher in the world.


Hachette Livre is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lagardère Group. HBG was formed when Hachette Livre purchased the Time Warner Book Group from Time Warner on March 31, 2006.

Hachette is considered one of the big five publishing companies, along with Holtzbrinck/Macmillan, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Scholastic, and Simon & Schuster.

In one year, HBG publishes approximately 1400+ adult books (including 50-100 digital-only titles), 300 books for young readers, and 450 audio book titles. In 2016, the company had 214 books on the New York Times bestseller list, 44 of which reached No. 1.



In France, where the Group originated, Hachette Livre covers all editorial genres and the entire consumer and education book markets with some forty publishing houses. Hachette Livre's subsidiaries and imprints are the French market leaders and published 6,920 new titles in 2019.



In the educational segment, the name Louis Hachette is instantly associated with schoolbooks and on a par with prestigious brands such as Hatier and Larousse. Around ten of the imprints cover general fiction and nonfiction and feature backlists with titles that are considered part of the national heritage.



The oldest imprint dates back to the early eighteenth century while the most recent, Kero, established in 2002, joined the Group in 2015. Hachette Livre has a strong presence in children’s literature, as well as dictionaries and encyclopedias. Since 2008, when Éditions Albert-René, publisher of the famous Asterix series, joined Hachette Livre, graphic novels have also been among the genres covered.



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