Top 100 Largest Libraries In The World - P53.Pontifical Lateran University Library, Rome, Italy.


( The bulk of them are now deposited in the newly restored underground vaults as in the original plan; in the assembly hall block towards the entrance gate.

The 25,000 volumes of antique books are kept separately in a humidity controlled archive for better conservation. Originally the reading rooms of the library were dispersed around the university and on the ground floor of the assembly hall block. They are now replaced by the ground floor entrance foyer to the Aula Magna (Main Assembly Hall) and the librarians’ offices.

The new reading rooms and book stacks for free consultation are enclosed in the new extension placed closer to the heart of the university with access from the main spine of the first floor corridor. Concentrated in a single volume with access to 70,000 volumes and 750 publications housed in the six floors of book stacks in a fire-protected tower.

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