Top 100 Largest Libraries In The World - P51.Warsaw University Library, Poland.


( Warsaw University Library is a library of the University of Warsaw, Poland.The library was founded in 1816, linguist Samuel Linde became its first director. The library initially housed mostly theological and historical books, the collection was however enlarged by papers from other scientific fields in 1825.

The Warsaw University Library building, designed by architects Marek Budzyński and Zbigniew Badowski, was commissioned in 1999.  It provides more than 60 thousand square metres of space, 40 thousand m2 for the library collection with an option of expanding this space with further 10 thousand m2.  The University Library building can store up to 5 million volumes and it conforms with all requirements that a modern 21st century library must meet.

In 1831 the library, which served as a public library at that time, already housed 134,000 volumes of books, stored in Kazimierzowski Palace. After the fall of the November Uprising the same year, the institution had been closed, and most of the collection taken away by Russian authorities to Saint Petersburg. In the 1860s the collection numbered 260,000 book volumes.

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