Top 100 Largest Libraries In The World - P50.Lehigh University Library, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


( Lehigh’s Linderman Library, affectionately known as “Lindy” to students, has gained an impressive reputation, topping numerous lists of most beautiful college libraries.

According to the Lehigh University Library Services, Linderman was funded in 1873 by Lehigh’s founder Asa Packer, following the death of his daughter Lucy Packer Linderman. The library, which was built to serve as a memory to his late daughter, officially opened in April 1878.

It was designed by well-known Philadelphia architect Addison Hutton, who designed more than 20 college libraries and facilities.

According to Complex Style’s article “The 25 Coolest College Libraries,” Linderman is home to an impressive array of rare books, specifically in the humanities collections.

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