Top 100 Largest Libraries In The World - P38.National Library of Sejong City – Sejong City, South Korea


( The National Library of Sejong City is the first branch facility of the National Library of Korea and is planned to be built in the Multifunctional Administrative City of Korea, also known as Sejong City.

Designed by Samoo Architects & Engineers with the motif of a book page being turned over, a simple geometry of a gently curved paper forms the basis of the design and creates a unique outline that is easily recognizable as one of the landmark buildings of the city. As one of the strategies in designing the building, the library was also planned to become an Emotional Library, a place where analogue and digital formats converge for the convenience of the users and to maximize the possibilities of the library.

 The expansive open spaces provide spatial connectivity throughout the library which also helps users in way-finding. Reading areas are located mainly on the 1st and 2nd floor with open layouts & easy accessibilities. Seminar rooms & conference facilities are located on the 3rd floor while the upper-most floors provide dining facilities & roof-top terraces with open view of the surroundings.

According to wikipedia.

Deluna Nguyen (collect) - WCSA - World Copyright Academy ( Source of photo : Internet)