Top 100 Largest Law Firms In The World - P4.Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.


( During the 1950s, S&C's litigation group successfully defended five of the largest investment banking firms in the nation against antitrust charges filed by the federal government.

A BigLaw powerhouse, Sullivan & Cromwell has been ranked in the AmLaw 100 since the rankings began in the 1980s and is a regular player on The American Lawyer's elite A-List. The firm is well-thought of among the greenhorns as well as the old-timers-it consistently appears at the top of associate polls for the draw of big-money clients and its generous benefits.

S&C has followed-if not created-the blueprint for legal success: it has grown internationally and in response to the increasing cross-border M&A, restructuring and finance transactional demands of the biggest corporate clients in the world.

More recently, the firm drew on its financial services and restructuring prowess when it played a central role in dealing with the subprime and financial implosions in 2007 and 2008. Throughout the crisis, S&C maintained its compensation levels for associates and did not engage in a program of layoffs, defer incoming associate classes, or shorten its summer program. S&C seized upon the transactional wreckage of 2008 to build its reputation as, in the words of The American Lawyer, "the go-to firm for the financial services industry." After the storm cleared, its global reach served the firm well as it continued to build on its trans-Atlantic finance, restructuring, and M&A work.


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