Top 100 CEOs In The World - P1. Benno Dorer


( Clorox Chief Executive Officer Benno Dorer has claimed the number one position of America’s highest rated CEO in 2017, according to a poll by employment site Glassdoor.



Benno Dorer is the current CEO of Clorox, and has been since November 2014.

He has been an executive with the company since January 2005, previously responsible for, among others positions held, The Glad Products Company and the company's kitty litter brands. As of September 2016, Dorer is reported to own approximately 27 thousand of the company's shares worth of US$ 3.4 million. 

Prior to his tenure at Clorox, he worked for Procter and Gamble in marketing. He is on the board of the Chabot Space and Science Center, as well as the American Cleaning Institute. He has been awarded highest-rated CEO by Glassdoor in its 2017 Employees' Choice Awards, surpassing Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg in the top 10 list.

He holds business degrees from the University of Freiburg and Saarland University.

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