Michelin (France) : The world’s most valuable and strongest tyre brand 2022


(Wcsa.world) Michelin has once again topped the tyre table within Brand Finance’s ranking of the world’s strongest and most valuable brands.

This calculation doesn’t include everything but Michelin achieved a brand value of US$7.7 billion and a brand strength index score of 85.8 out of 100. And what’s more, the 2022 result saw Michelin extend its lead over second-placed Bridgestone.



Alex Haigh, Valuation Director at Brand Finance, explained: “Michelin has performed well over the course of the pandemic and has put a little bit of distance between itself and 2nd placed Bridgestone. Michelin’s long history of innovation and reputation for quality has continued to pay dividends through one of the most disruptive economic periods on record.”



Nevertheless, Bridgestone remains second on the list with a brand valued at $7.099 billion. Continental’s next in third place, with its brand rising $1.090 billion to $4.253 billion.

Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA