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(wcsa.world) Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) is Thailand's largest mobile phone operator with over 40 million subscribers.

AIS is headquartered in Bangkok. AIS provides a wide range of mobile services, including voice, data, and messaging. It also offers fixed-line broadband, internet TV, and digital content services.



AIS is a subsidiary of Intouch Holdings, a Thai telecommunications conglomerate. AIS is a major player in the Thai telecommunications market and is at the forefront of developing and deploying new technologies. It is also a major contributor to the Thai economy, generating hundreds of billions of baths in revenue and employing thousands of people.

It invests heavily in its network and infrastructure to ensure that it is at the forefront of technological innovation. AIS is also a strong advocate for digital inclusion and is working to make digital services more accessible and affordable for all Thais.

(Wowtimes)AIS’sHistory andAchievements

  • 1985: Advanced Info Service Plc. was established to operate computer services.
  • 1991: The company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • 1994: AIS started operations of Digital GSM mobile service
  • 1999: Mobile subscribers exceeded 1 million
  • 2008: AIS and GSM advance launched 3GSM advance service: The Hi-Speed Internet via mobile phone and Video Call Service with HSPA technology on 900MHz in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
  • 2015: AIS launched its first 4G mobile phone with the release of its “AG SUPER COMBO LAVA A1” at the price of only 4,590 Baht in order to provide more accessibility to customers in all income brackets.
  • 2016: Advanced Wireless Network Limited Company (AWN), an AIS subsidiary, officially launched 4G Advanced Service accessible in 42 provinces.
  • 2017: AIS launched an online multiplatform entertainment, business and financial services called AIS Play.
  • 2021: AIS partnered with Thai League 1, Thailand's top-tier football league, to broadcast their matches through their AIS Play application.

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