[WorldKings - Wowtimes - Almanac Events & Achievements 2023] Innovations of Lennox International Inc. on the journey of 128 years of development in the field of electronic home appliance manufacturing (1895)


(worldkings.org) Lennox International Inc. is a provider of climate control products for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, (in the complex colloquially called: HVAC) and refrigeration markets. The company is based outside Dallas, Texas in the United States and has operations globally.

The company’s milestones:

1895: Lennox was founded in 1895, in Marshalltown, lowa, by Dave Lennox, the owner of a machine repair business for railroads. Dave builds and markets the industry's first riveted-steel furnace.



1904: Dave Lennox decided to sell the furnace business and was purchased by D.W. Norris, editor and publisher of the local newspaper. He incorporated the operation as Lennox Furnace Company, and proceeded to sell 600 furnaces in the company's first year.

1923: Lennox expands for the first time, building a warehouse in Syracuse, New York. Two years later a factory is added.

1935: Lennox pioneers the introduction of a forced-air furnace for residential heating.

1952: Lennox establishes operations in Canada and expands its product line with the introduction of residential central air-conditioning systems.

1960: Lennox establisheD an international division with a facility in Basingstoke, England and sales offices and warehouses in Holland and Germany.



1973: Lennox develops the first two-speed hermetic compressor, making possible significant energy cost savings in residential and commercial air conditioning.

1982: Lennox develops and manufactures the industry's first high-efficiency gas furnaces.

1984: Lennox International Inc. is established as the parent company for Lennox Industries Inc.

1991: Dallas, Texas became the Lennox World Headquarters.

1994: Lennox introduces CompleteHeat(TM), the first combination space and hot-water high-efficiency heating system by a major HVAC manufacturer.

1995: Lennox Global Ltd. (LGL) is established to expand the company's presence in worldwide commercial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and heat transfer product markets.



2003: Introduces HSX19, industry's quietest and most efficient air conditioner.

2010: Lennox launches Healthy Climate Solutions™, which work with HVAC systems to combat indoor air quality issues.

2016: Lennox launches the iComfort® S30 ultra smart thermostat, helping homeowners maximize the efficiency of their air conditioner units.

2023: Lennox Wins Multiple Awards at the 2023 Dealer Design Awards, sponsored by The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News magazine.

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