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(wcsa.world) Wörwag Pharma is a medium-sized family-owned pharmaceutical company headquartered in Böblingen, Germany with subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and South America.

Wörwag Pharma specializes in biofactors, which include vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Wörwag Pharma refers to the products it sells as "biofactors".

Wörwag Pharma offers medicinal products in the four categories diabetic concomitant diseases, nervous system, immune system and musculoskeletal syste. It sells prescription and over-the-counter preparations and food supplements. Overall, the company's product range includes 26 biofactor brands in Germany.

The company has branches in many regions and countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Russia and Central Asia, Vietnam, Peru, etc.


The company's milestones:

- In 1971: Wörwag Pharma was established in the building adjacent to the city pharmacy founded by Fritz Wörwag in 1965.

- In 1977: The company was converted into a corporation.

- In 1981: Company started marketing of magnerot Classic and developing of biofactors in Germany

- In 1985: The product range was expanded to include the drug Milgamma with the active ingredient benfotiamine, a prodrug of vitamin B1.

- In 1993: The first foreign branch was opened in Hungary.

- In 1996: Move to current company headquarter in Böblingen.

- In 2001: The two children, Marcus Wörwag and Monika Wörwag, took over management of the company from their father.

- In 2015: Spun off the generics business in 2015 into the independent subsidiary AAA-Pharma

- In 2016: Foundation of sales-companies in Russia, Poland and Peru.

- In 2021: Wörwag Pharma acquired the Polish company Sensilab, a contract manufacturing organization based in Konstantynów Łódzki, and thus came into possession of its first own production facility for pharmaceuticals.

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