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(wcsa.world) Innodisk International Co., Ltd., referred to as Innodisk for short, is a brand of storage equipment in Taiwan.

Headquartered in Xizhi District, New Taipei City, its products are mainly embedded storage devices, dynamic random access memory modules, embedded peripheral modules, software and related technical services.



Throughout the past 18 years, Innodisk has received awards and industry accolades for consistently delivering innovative products to the market that differ from their competitors.


The company's milestones:

- March 2005: Innodisk was formally established in Taiwan.

- In 2006: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system implementation..

In 2008: Achieved ISO 9001 certification and set up branch office in CA, USA.

In 2010: Set up branch office in Shenzhen, China and Tokyo, Japan.

In 2011: Acquisition of Actica, Inc.



In 2012: Set up branch office in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

In 2013: Stocks listed on the OTC.

In 2014: Established a subsidiary company Aetina and opened a second US branch office in New Jersey.

In 2015: Innodisk International Education Foundation was officially established.

In 2017: Launched Innodisk Cloud Administration Platform (iCAP™) and set up branch office in Chengdu, China..



In 2018: Launched a new Research, Development and Production Center in Northern Taiwan.

In 2019: Opened a new European office for sales, technical support, and product development in the Netherlands.

In 2020: Named as one of Taiwan's top 35 international brands for the third time.

In 2021: Top 1 global industrial SSD provider by Gartner Report.

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