[WorldKings – World Almanac Event 2021] 158th anniversary of establishment of the International Red Cross (February 17, 1863 – February 17, 2021)


(WorldKings.org) The Red Cross is an international humanitarian network founded in 1863 in Switzerland, with chapters worldwide that provide assistance to victims of disasters, armed conflict and health crises.

The Red Cross’s roots date to 1859, when businessman Henry Dunant witnessed the bloody aftermath of the Battle of Solferino in Italy, in which there was little medical support for injured soldiers. Dunant went on to advocate for the establishment of national relief organizations made up of trained volunteers who could offer assistance to war-wounded soldiers, regardless of which side of the fighting they were on.



Dunant organized local people to bind the soldiers’ wounds and to feed and comfort them. On his return, he called for the creation of national relief societies to assist those wounded in war, and pointed the way to the future Geneva Conventions.

In 1863, the International Committee for Relief to the Wounded was founded, later to become the International Committee of the Red Cross. Its emblem was a red cross on a white background: the inverse of the Swiss flag. The following year, 12 governments adopted the first Geneva Convention; a milestone in the history of humanity, offering care for the wounded, and defining medical services as “neutral” on the battlefield.



The core tasks of the committee, which are derived from the Geneva Conventions and its own statutes, are the following:

  • To monitor compliance of warring parties with the Geneva Conventions
  • To organize nursing and care for those who are wounded on the battlefield
  • To supervise the treatment of prisoners of war
  • To help with the search for missing persons in an armed conflict (tracing service)
  • To organize protection and care for civil populations
  • To arbitrate between warring parties in an armed conflict



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