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(wcsa.world) Europcar Mobility Group is a global player in the car rental industry. They provide a range of mobility services, including car rental, leasing, and other mobility solutions.

Europcar operates in numerous countries and serves both leisure and business customers. Europcar offers rental solutions for short-term needs, such as vacations or business trips, as well as long-term leasing options for businesses requiring extended mobility solutions.


Like many companies in the mobility sector, Europcar has been exploring innovative technologies to enhance customer experience. This might include online booking platforms, mobile apps, and other digital solutions to streamline the rental process.


(Wowtimes) Europcar’sHistory and Achievements

  • 1949: Europcar Mobility Group was founded in Paris by Raoul-Louis Mattei under the name of "The Automobile Subscription".
  • 1951: The "Europcars" brand was created.
  • 1970: Renault purchased Europcar
  • 1973: The subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland were created.
  • 1981: Europcar acquired Godfrey Davis UK, and Europcar International was created.
  • 1982: A subsidiary in Portugal was established. The Europcar network included 212 branches in France, and 743 in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with a fleet of 9,000 vehicles and more than 1,000 employees serving an increasingly international clientele.
  • 1992: Accor acquired a 50% share of Europcar.
  • 1999: Europcar eventually became a subsidiary 100% owned by the Volkswagen AG.
  • 2004: Europcar Asia Pacific was established, covering 9 countries.
  • 2006: Eurazeo, the investment company, bought Europcar from the Volkswagen Group.
  • 2009: Europcar deployed a mobile booking service, allowing customers to locate the closest branch and book a vehicle using their mobile phone. The innovative service, which provided customers with greater mobility, is operational on Europcar’s entire international network.
  • 2010: The group partnered with Daimler to launch the Car2Go service in Hamburg, Germany.
  • 2015: Europcar went public.
  • 2019: Europcar acquired Fox Rent A Car, one of the largest independent players in the US car rental market.
  • 2022: Green Mobility Holding, which is a consortium led by the Volkswagen Group, Attestor, and Pon Holdings, acquired Europcar Mobility Group.
  • 2023: Europcar operated in 140 countries covering Europe, North America, Western Asia, and Africa.

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