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(wcsa.world) Dongwon is a chaebol, a family conglomerate comprising 15 affiliates in South Korea.

Dongwon is a South Korean conglomerate with diverse business interests. The company has evolved into a global enterprise with activities spanning various sectors, including fisheries, food processing, logistics, construction, and finance.



Dongwon is particularly renowned for its involvement in the fishing industry, operating one of the world's largest tuna fishing fleets. In addition to its fishing and seafood processing operations, Dongwon has expanded its reach into other areas, contributing to its status as a prominent player in the South Korean business landscape.



In addition to its domestic operations, Dongwon has expanded globally, establishing a presence in various countries. This international expansion includes subsidiaries and partnerships in regions such as the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

(Wowtimes)Dongwon’sHistory andAchievements

  • 1969: Dongwon Industries was established
  • 1973: First overseas base was built in Tema Harbor in Republic of Ghana, Africa
  • 1976. Dongwon Cold Storage Co., Ltd. was established
  • 1979: The company introduced Korea’s first helicopter-equipped purse seine fishing vessel
  • 1981: Dongwon Food Co., Ltd. was established
  • 1982: The company launched first canned tuna product in Korea
  • 1987: Dongil Frozen Food Co., Ltd. was established
  • 1989: Dongwon Industries listed on the Korea Stock Exchange
  • 1996: Dongwon Group was officially launched
  • 2003: Financial subsidiaries were separated and spun off Dongwon Financial Holdings. Dongwon Wineplus was established
  • 2008: The company acquired the U.S. No.1 tuna brand StarKist
  • 2014: Dongwon Home Food constructed seasoning product factory in Weihai, China
  • 2019: Dongwon Systems entered the aseptic-filling beverage business. Dongwon Industries acquired MSC fishing certification for the first time in Korea as well as ASC, CoC certification.
  • 2020: Dongwon Industries entered the land salmon farming business to secure sustainable fishery resources
  • 2021: Expansion of business area in the livestock industry to leap forward as a Total Protein Provider
  • 2022: Dongwon Industries was selected as one of Korea's Most Admired Companies in KMAC 2022 (ranked no.1 for 8 consecutive years in the fishery business).
  • 2023: Dongwon Industries merged with Dongwon Enterprise


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