[WCSA – Wowtimes - Almanac Events & Achievements 2023] Milestones in 27 years of development of Chunghwa Telecom, the largest integrated telecom service provider in Taiwan (1996)


(wcsa.world) Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, provides telecommunication services in Taiwan and internationally.

Chunghwa Telecom Company (CTH) is the largest integrated telecommunications service provider in Taiwan. It is the incumbent local exchange carrier of PSTN, mobile, and broadband services in the country. CHT has over 19,000 employees and its headquarters is located in Zhongzheng, Taipei, Taiwan.


CHT is a major player in the Taiwanese telecommunications market and is also active in a number of overseas markets.



The company offers local long-distance services comprising of local calls, cloud switchboards, and value-added local calls. It also offers 5G services consisting of enterprise private networks, AR enterprise applications, smart mobile SNG applications, and smart air inspection services. In addition, the company provides mobile fixed IP internet service, work link mobile business application, mobile intercom service, and action management solutions, as well as mobile internet of things, 4G mobile internet solution, multiparty call, plugin, and voicemail services.

(Wowtimes)Chunghwa Telecom’sHistory andAchievements

  • 1996: Chunghwa Telecom was founded as a company on June 15 as part of the Taiwanese government's privatization efforts. It was operated as a business unit of the Directorate General of Telecommunications
  • 1997: Chunghwa Telecom was awarded the license to operate a second-generation mobile communications (2G) network
  • 2000: The company's common shares have been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • 2003: Chunghwa Telecom was listed on the New York Stock Exchange
  • 2005: Chunghwa Telecom became a privatized company
  • 2007: Chunghwa Telecom set up a division for enterprise customers, incorporated in the Southern Taiwan telecommunications branch.
  • 2014: Chunghwa Telecom became the first telco in Taiwan to provide LTE services.
  • 2020: Chunghwa Telecom launched Taiwan's first 5G NR network.
  • 2022: Chunghwa Telecom has been selected as a member of both the 2022 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) - World Index and Emerging Markets Index.
  • 2023: Chunghwa Telecom has been awarded Top 5% S&P Global ESG Score in the Sustainability Yearbook 2023 for the Telecommunications group.

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