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(wcsa.world) Rakuten is one of the world's largest e-commerce companies by revenue, and it operates in over 25 countries. Rakuten's businesses span a broad range of online and offline services, including e-commerce, travel, digital content, fintech, communications, and professional sports.

Rakuten Group, Inc. is a Japanese technology conglomerate based in Tokyo, founded by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997. Centered around the online retail marketplace Rakuten Ichiba, its businesses include financial services utilizing fintech, digital content and communications services such as the messaging app Viber, e-book distributor Kobo, and Japan's fourth mobile carrier Rakuten Mobile.


Rakuten has more than 28,000 employees worldwide, operating in 30 countries and regions. It is often referred to as the "Amazon of Japan". Rakuten is also a major player in the Japanese professional sports scene, owning the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball team and the Vissel Kobe soccer team.


(Wowtimes)Rakuten’sHistory andAchievements

  • 1997: Rakuten was founded as MDM, Inc. by Hiroshi Mikitani on 7 February. The online shopping marketplace Rakuten Shopping Mall was officially launched on May 1. The company had six employees and the website had 13 merchants.
  • 1999: MDM’s name was changed to Rakuten
  • 2000: The company went public through an IPO on the JASDAQ market. At the time, the online marketplace had 2,300 stores and 95 million page views per month, making it one of the most popular sites in Japan.
  • 2001: the online hotel reservation service Rakuten Travel was launched.
  • 2002: a new system was introduced for merchants, combining monthly fixed fees with commissions on sales.
  • 2004: Rakuten grew its financial services businesses by acquiring consumer finance company Aozora Card Co., Ltd., later renaming it Rakuten Card Co., Ltd.
  • 2005: The company began offering a Rakuten credit card. Rakuten started expanding outside Japan.
  • 2008: Rakuten and President Chain Store established Rakuten's first e-commerce site outside of Japan with Rakuten Ichiba Taiwan.
  • 2011: Rakuten launched Indonesia's Rakuten Belanja Online.
  • 2012: Rakuten had moved into online retail in Austria, Canada, Spain, Taiwan and Thailand and into the online travel markets in France, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.
  • 2015: Rakuten entered the sport of football by acquiring Vissel Kobe, a top J-League team
  • 2017: Ebates and Rakuten acquired Shopstyle and its influencer marketing group, Collective, to extend into fashion curation and discovery and product search.
  • 2018: Rakuten accelerated its online-to-offline offering to members and merchants.
  • 2020: Rakuten launched its wireless carrier service's 5G network in some areas of Japan after it started 4G services in April.
  • 2023: Rakuten partnered with Supermicro on high-performing Open RAN technologies and storage systems for operators of cloud-based mobile services.

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