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(wcsa.world) Bucher Industries AG is a Swiss multinational company headquartered in Niederweningen, Switzerland.

The company operates in various industries, including agricultural machinery, municipal vehicles, hydraulic systems, and manufacturing equipment. Bucher Industries is a publicly traded company and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The company employed 13,600 people.


Bucher Industries has a long history, with roots dating back to the mid-19th century. It has grown and diversified over the years through organic growth and acquisitions. The company places an emphasis on innovation and sustainability in its operations.


(Wowtimes)Bucher’sHistory andAchievements

  • 1807: Heinrich Bucher ran the Murzeln blacksmith's shop in Niederweningen.
  • 1874: The forge was subsequently operated by three generations and registered in the Company register
  • 1890: Bucher was selling foreign-made agricultural machinery.
  • 1896: The company was renamed "Maschinenfabrik Johann Bucher-Manz, Niederweningen" and had 30 employees.
  • 1901: The company produced the first hydraulic fruit press with a 600-bar, high-pressure pump.
  • 1921: The "Luna" centrifugal slurry pump found a ready market in Switzerland and abroad.
  • 1923: "Maschinenfabrik Johann Bucher" established in Griessen, Southern Baden, Germany.
  • 1934: Bucher's first motorized agricultural machine was a horse-drawn mower with an auxiliary engine.
  • 1945: The first two-wheel power mower had been delivered.
  • 1950: The KT 10 walking tractor went into production.
  • 1951: The business converted into a joint stock company called "Bucher-Guyer AG".
  • 1954: Production of the Bucher tractor started up.
  • 1966: Agricultural and municipal transporters went into production.
  • 1984: Group holding structure put in place. "Bucher Holding AG" was established.
  • 1986: Bucher Holding went public, with bearer shares listed on the stock exchange.
  • 1991: Bucher entry into the municipal vehicle sector through the acquisition of Rolba sweeper and snow-blower business.
  • 1996: Core businesses organized into divisions: agricultural machinery (Kuhn Group), vehicles (Bucher Municipal), food processing (Bucher Process), hydraulic components (Bucher Hydraulics) and machinery (Laeis-Bucher).
  • 1998: Entry into glass-forming machinery through the acquisition of Emhart Glass.
  • 2000: Bucher Holding AG became "Bucher Industries AG".
  • 2007: Expansion of Bucher Hydraulics in North America
  • 2011: Emhart Glass established a joint venture with Sanjin in China.
  • 2013: Business structured in five divisions: Kuhn Group (agricultural machinery), Bucher Municipal (municipal vehicles), Bucher Hydraulics (hydraulic systems), Bucher Emhart Glass (glass container industry) and Bucher Specials (individual businesses).
  • 2018: Bucher Hydraulics established a Joint Venture Bucher Hydraulics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. in China.
  • 2019: Bucher Municipal acquired the Chinese sewage tanker manufacturer Zynkon, thereby strengthening its presence in Asia.
  • 2021: Acquisition of Lenze Mobiles Drives in Romanshorn, a pioneer in power electronics, thus focusing more strongly on the trend towards electrification and positioning itself in the rapidly growing market for electro­hydraulic solutions.


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