[WCSA – Wowtimes - Almanac Events & Achievements 2023] Milestones in 154 years of development of Sainsbury's, the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom (1869)


(wcsa.world) J Sainsbury plc, commonly known as Sainsbury's, is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. It operates a diverse range of retail formats, including supermarkets, convenience stores, and online grocery and general merchandise platforms.

Sainsbury's is a major player in the UK retail sector and competes with other prominent supermarket chains such as Tesco, Asda, and Morrisons.

The company offers a wide variety of products, including groceries, clothing, home goods, and financial services. It has a significant presence in the food and beverage industry and has expanded its business through various acquisitions and partnerships over the years.

(Wowtimes) Sainsbury’s History and Achievements

  • 1869: John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury opened Sainsbury's first dairy shop at 173 Drury Lane, London.
  • 1873: Second shop opened at 159 Queens Crescent, Kentish Town.
  • 1882: First depot and bacon stoves at Allcroft Road, Kentish Town, producing Sainsbury's own brand bacon and hams were established.
  • 1884: Sainsbury's first own brand of sausages were made
  • 1900: The first store outside of London at Redhill, opened.
  • 1903: Dalston store opened, which was the first branch to start selling longer life grocery goods as well as a fresh food range. Sainsbury’s opened the 100th branch in London and the southeast. Sainsbury’s Red Label tea introduced
  • 1922: Incorporation of firm as J Sainsbury Ltd
  • 1927: ‘Scotch’ beef from the Aberdeen area; regarded as the best available was introduced to the Sainsbury’s range.
  • 1936: Expansion into the Midlands, with the acquisition of the Thoroughgoods chain
  • 1950: 9/11 London Road, Croydon branch converted to the company’s first self-service shopping.
  • 1955: Sainsbury's opened the largest self-service food store in Europe at Lewisham, selling bread and fresh produce for the first time.
  • 1960: First permanent depot outside London, at Buntingford, Hertfordshire, distributing 500 non-perishable grocery lines.
  • 1961: Sainsbury’s became the first food retailer to computerize the distribution of goods to its stores.
  • 1971: Sainsbury’s opened first supermarket delicatessen counter at Wandsworth, stocking 73 items.
  • 1973: First in-store bakery opened at Telford. Own brand clothing launched
  • 1974: First Freezer Centre opens in Southbourne, Bournemouth
  • 1981: Burpham in Guildford is the first store to open with checkout scanning
  • 1986: Sainsbury’s became the first supermarket to offer organic food
  • 1992: First Scottish branch opened in Darnley, Glasgow
  • 1996: First store in Northern Ireland opens at Ballymena
  • 2002: Introduction of ‘Freefrom’, the first supermarket range for allergy sufferers
  • 2011: 1000th store opened in Irvine, Scotland
  • 2016: Completed purchase of Home Retail Group.
  • 2017: Sainsbury’s opened its 100th store in Scotland
  • 2018: Sainsbury’s trials UK’s first grocery delivery service by electric cargo bike.
  • 2023: Sainsbury’s has a total of 1,400 shops all over the UK.

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